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Jan 12 2011 8:22am EDT

The news, trends and attitudes that are impacting your business and your entrepreneurial efforts on Wednesday, January 12.

Today’s top story: A winter wonderland turns to misery

Ice and snow in the Southeast hit the new York City area Tuesday night and into this morning as winter weather makes its way up the East Coast. That promises to turn this week into another nightmare for travelers stranded in busy hubs. Thousands of flights had been cancelled in the new York region’s three airports until at least Wednesday afternoon, adding to travelers’ nightmares. Snow was tapering off this morning in new York City this morning, after depositing 9 inches–less than epected–in Centrsl Park. By mid-afternoon Tuesday, Delta had canceled 1,700 flights. and there’s much more to come as the storm socks the Northeast. Here’s one way to cope with the unsettled and unsettling weather—use Twitter to make your plans. (Associated Press, Portfolio.com, New York Times)

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  • A Tweet Way to Travel: A note to business travelers dealing with winter storms: use Twitter. If you want to fly as efficiently as possible, add it your arsenal of on-the-road tools.
  • Developers Hail Verizon iPhone: Verizon selling the iPhone means not only more customers and more money for Apple, but it also creates a stronger environment for application developers.
  • Pushing the Reset Button: the Chamber of Commerce and President Obama have had a chilly relationship. but biz-friendly appointments and a new White House tone may warm things up.

Our Top News Stories For Entrepreneurs

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