Ok i am 7 months pregnant with opposite sex twins & i have a couple names i love but which shoud i chose?

ok so for boys i have

Evan Michael Jones
Christopher Anthony Jones

OK & for girls i have
Brooke Lauren
Heidi Michelle

I like Christopher Anthony and Brook Lauren.

Pretty names =) They're modern but classic at the same time.

Christopher Anthony Jones & Brooke Lauren. I love Brooke lauren. SO CUTE!

i love the boy names and Brooke Lauren . Personally I'm not crazy about Heidi.

Good Luck

I like Brooke lauren and Chris anothony

i like evan michael for the boys name and brooke lauren for the girls name. very nice choices. congrats on having twins. i,m a twin myself.

I like Evan Michael & Brooke Lauren. Very cute names, wish you the best!

Christopher Anthony Jones
Heidi Michelle
Good luck!

I like Evan michael and heidi michelle.

i like evan michael jones and brooke lauren.:]

Evan Michael and Brooke Lauren! I have got to say, I just LOVE both names! Congrats!

I like both of the boys' names but I like Evan Michael better. it has a nice ring to it and you don't hear it very often. I like Brooke Lauren for a girl. that is a very pretty name. I am not too fond of the name Heidi. Congrats on having twins and much luck to you. You're going to need it.

hmm..i like more unique names, your names just aren't my cup ah tea

I like both boy names.

I like Brooke Lauren for a girl.

Evan Michael and Brooke Lauren
the other names are cute too but those are my favorite
good luck deciding!

I would suggest,
Evan Michael
Brooke Lauryn

Christopher Anthony (nickname Chris) & Heidi Michelle

I like Christopher Anthony Jones and Brooke Lauren.

I love Evan Michael.
Its so beautiful and simple.

I love Brooke Lauren.
So cute and sophisticated!

I'd go with Evan Michael & Brooke Michelle.

Christopher Anthony is cute too, but i like Christopher Andrew
instead. and Heidi Michelle is cute too, but, Lauren Michelle is more.

Congrats!! =)

I like Evan Michael & Heidi Michelle. Evan and Heidi both have 2 syllables, they just flow really well together. Since they are twins and you don't want to name them things too close to each other, giving them Michael & Michelle for middle names kind of makes them similar but different.

Go with Chris and Brooke. I love Brooke for a girl that is cute.

I like Evan Michael and Heidi Michelle,…. also Crystal Ann is a very pretty name 😉

Hiedi Michelle and Evan Micheal.

I love Evan and Christopher, but Michael and Anthony are just a little bleh to me. Christopher Evan Jones would be a great name. either that or Christopher Michael Jones. Anthony just isn't my thing lol.

For the girls, I'd love Laurel Brook instead of Brooke Lauren – it's a little less common and very subtly natural themed. Heidi is just an awesome name, and I love it! Michelle is really pretty too, but a bit dated – it's a little too out-of-place with Michelle. what about Mia or Ella instead? Heidi Ella would be great. or Heidi Mia. even Laurel Heidi or Heidi Laurel would be cute.

Twins named Christopher and Laurel would be cute, as would twins named Christopher and Heidi. Good luck, and congrats! You're so lucky – you get to pick both a girl and a boy name you love lol.

PS For Christopher, I love the nickname Topher or Toph (I've heard this pronounced 'Toh-f' and 'T-off')instead of just Chris – Chris is a great name, just a little common. Toph and Laurie would just be adorable!

PPS If you're still unsure on names, try www.nymbler.com to find more suggestions – type in names like Christopher, Lauren, Heidi, etc or any other name you like and up will come tons more suggestions.

Heidi Michelle
Christopher Aaron

all of the names are pretty. i like heidi michelle and christopher anthony. best wishes!

I like Christopher Anthony Jones and Brooke Lauren. Very cute and go well together.

If you are a Star Wars fan like I am, Padme and Anakin Skywalker's two children were Luke and Leia, opposite sex twins born during their father's transformation to the dark Side of the Force.

I like Heidi and Evan

i really like Christopher Anthony and Heidi Michelle.

Tristan James Jones
for the boy
and for the girl
Trinity Marie Jones

Ok i am 7 months pregnant with opposite sex twins & i have a couple names i love but which shoud i chose?

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