OfficialWire: Acer Liquid MT Is A Feature Filled Android Smartphone

The presence of the Acer phones in the high-end spectrum is something that is almost non-existent at the moment, but it will soon be filled the following the launch of the Acer Liquid mt. this phone was introduced by Acer a few months back and it was expected in the UK shores by this time around. However, delays in the shipping and production have meant that the launch date of the Acer Liquid mt has been postponed. now, it seems that the British people will finally have the chance to get their hands on the Acer Liquid mt, which is one of the best phones from Acer after a long time.The Acer Liquid mt will be providing almost every single high-end feature that you can hope for from a high-end smartphone. It certainly includes a large touch screen display and in the case of the Acer Liquid mt, it is a 3.6 inch unit boasting of a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. The resolution and the screen size are definitely not surprising, but one that is surprising has to be the presence of a lot of associative features in the display of the phone. However, it does take a little while to know that the presence of these features will not only enhance the quality of the display, but also makes the phone much more user friendly. It is certainly the case of the touch sensitive controls in the phone, which have been used in favour of the physical hardware buttons.not only does it improves the look of the phone, but also makes the phone quite usable in every situation indeed. also, dust does not collect within the gaps formed as a result of using the physical hardware buttons, which is another advantage. The Acer Liquid mt will be providing a five megapixel camera that seems to be the norm in the segment these days. However, the technology that is going to be used within the camera is something that is not defined by the segment itself. as a result, the Acer Liquid mt offers some of the latest technologies like the HD video recording and face detection in the camera, which have definitely served its purpose in improving the quality of the photos and videos from the phone.The Acer Liquid mt usage of the 800 MHz processor in the phone will not only be satisfactory for the user, despite the usage of a lot of applications that are available online for the Android operating system, but also for the operating system as well. in this case, the Android 2.2 operating system is employed, but given the powerful nature of the processor, the 2.3 version is expected sooner rather than later. The official announcement regarding the update to the 2.3 version is expected to be available from Acer in the next few weeks. this phone will be providing a 1500 mAh battery for the best in terms of the battery life as well.

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