NYC’s 9 Best Soup Restaurants

Delicious soup is a balancing act akin to a baseball game—a tasty, solid base needs its major players and supporting roles. on their own, the details may pale in importance, but when they intermix, the overall effect should multiply and delight. the list below shares the best soup houses in NYC.  by Anna Van Lenten

B&H Dairy

127 2nd AvenueNew York, NY 10003(212) 505-8065

A humble, tiny temple of a diner and a coveted East Village secret, B&H also puts out great soup. If you like your salt, grab a shaker, because these are mild. Both borschts—hot and cold—are fantastic. the vegetarian chili sticks to veggies, avoids fake meat and comes out chilicious. Praises go to the accompanying hunk of buttered challah, a super satisfying sideline.

NYC’s 9 Best Soup Restaurants

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