NY Pawnbrokers, Inc.

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Who is N.Y. Pawn Brokers Inc

N.Y. Pawnbrokers is new York’s ultimate pawnshop. We are the only pawnshop in new York that takes everything, whether pawning or selling. from jewelry to cars to dvd movies, our staff works hard to give each customer the most money for their personal property. each store also provides top used merchandise for sale at discounted prices. Why shop on eBay for something secondhand when you can come to N.Y. Pawnbrokers?

How We Got into The Pawn Shop Business

N.Y. Pawnbrokers was established in 1983 as the Largest Pawnshop in the Bronx. In the Mid 90’s we opened Manhattan’s largest pawnshop on the Lower East Side. In 2008 N.Y. Pawnbrokers III was opened in Upper Manhattan (Inwood). each location was designed large enough to give our customers the option of pawning or selling their merchandise.

History of the Pawn Industry

Pawnbroking can be traced back 3000 years to ancient China as well as early Greek and Roman civilizations. Queen Isabella is reported to have pawned her royal jewels to finance Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the new World.

Todays pawn customers have regular jobs from working in Hospitals to working on Wall Street. each with the same need of short term funds to meet their daily financial needs.

Visit our three locations:

Monday-Friday 9-5:30pm Saturday 9-4:30pm Address 301 East 149th Street Bronx, NY 10451 Phone 718-292-4686

Manhattan Pawn Shop

Monday-Friday 10-6pm Saturday 10-4pm Address 177 Rivington Street new York, NY 10002 Phone 212-228-7177

Inwood Pawn Shop

Monday-Saturday 10:30-7:30pm Sunday 11-4pm Address 557 West 207th Street new York, NY 10034 Phone 347-577-7048

NY Pawnbrokers, Inc.

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