Now Showing the Celebrity Baby!

After the seven billionth baby and all the continuing baby deaths in West Bengal, India it’s time now for celebrations. Erstwhile no.1 actress of Hindi Cinema Aishwarya Rai and her hubby cum actor-hero Abhishek Bachchan have been blessed with a girl. and, more importantly Amitabh Bachchan, the superstar of the millennium, has become a proud jubilant granddad.

All of India had been waiting for this moment with lots of anticipation and speculation. the suspense had been building up since Aishwarya expressed her desire to be a mother on 11/11/11, and nothing happening on that unique date. she also wanted a normal delivery with no surgery, increasing speculation about the exact date.

Amitabh Bachchan, father of Abhishek, had also been joyfully sharing the element of suspense with his millions of fans mostly on the television show ‘Who wants to Be A Millionaire’ (Hindi) hosted by him. At almost every show of this hugely popular program, there had been questions by the participants about the expected baby, with the beaming Big B answering promptly and happily.

A private hospital in a Mumbai suburb was fully taken over days ago, with over a hundred security personnel taking every care for the great event. the doctors were specifically instructed not to make any announcement regarding the celebrity baby. Crowds started building up in the hospital premises from the 14th of November, when Aishwarya was finally admitted.

The Bachchan family wanted to make the announcement personally to their followers, which they did right royally on the morning of November 16th , when the celebrity baby finally arrived. Movie and television actors, directors and technicians descended at the hospital in large numbers to congratulate the Bachchan family. Megastars including Shahrukh Khan and big producers including Karan Johar sent out their congratulatory messages. the social networking sites got clogged with an unending stream of good wishes and celebrations.

Spontaneity has been the hallmark of India welcoming the celebrity baby. an expression of great love and respect for the legendary star and his family.

Let the celebrity baby bring good luck for the less fortunate babies of her own country.


Now Showing the Celebrity Baby!

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