Next stop, downtown Swift Current

An exciting and revitalized destination is pumping new life into the heart of Swift Current. the city’s downtown is being completely rejuvenated and is now a must-see and must-stop location for both travellers and local residents.

Visitors to Swift Current’s downtown will encounter a vibrant city centre that has the unique amenities that you would find in a larger centre, as well as a welcoming smalltown atmosphere. the downtown boasts a great assortment of small businesses, restaurants and boutiques that provide an exceptional shopping experience, no matter your taste or budget. Visitors will also come across some amazing attractions and outdoor spaces in Swift Current’s downtown, like the Market Square and Lyric Theatre.

“There are some hidden gems in downtown Swift Current,” said Garry Koebel, president of the Downtown Business Association. “Great gift shops, clothing boutiques, cafés, restaurants, along with professional services and a whole host of other businesses catering to a wide variety of needs.”

There are also several downtown shops for families and their children, such as a baby boutique store, a pet shop and one of the largest independent toy stores in Saskatchewan.

Aside from shopping, Swift Current’s downtown also boasts major attractions like the historic Lyric Theatre. Those who walk through the doors of the 100-yearold theatre will discover a place like no other. the Lyric Theatre is bustling with numerous music performances, live theatre events, regular monthly programming and exceptional cuisine-inspired special events.

Theatre director Erin Gehl said, “Performers, audience members, volunteers and sponsors alike feel the intrigue of the building and want to discover the ‘experience.’ “

Regular programming at the Lyric Theatre offers something for everyone, from music, to literature, to drama. the theatre’s partnerships with Blenders, a series of concerts by emerging Canadian artists, as well as the Art Gallery of Swift Current have elevated the Lyric Theatre to a spectacular arts and culture venue.

“Being located in downtown Swift Current gives us the feeling of being in the heart of the community,” said Gehl. “The atmosphere is exciting, the partnerships and the community that has been created are promising, and we know downtown Swift Current is the place to be.”

Over the past few years there has been a variety of new businesses starting up and relocating downtown, and there have also been a lot of improvements made by the City of Swift to modernize and beautify the downtown area. in the evenings the downtown sparkles with lights, and new street lights, planters and other features have been added to give the area a very refreshed and visually appealing look.

The newly developed Market Square space is also a major attraction in Swift Current’s downtown. every Saturday, the Market Square hosts a wide variety of outdoor events, such as a farmers’ market. from the middle of June to September, the Market Square plans to host many family-orientated activities and events. Plans are already in place to continue to expand and grow the Market Square in the years to come.

“The health of any city can often be examined by looking at its heart – or its downtown,” said Koebel.

“In the case of Swift Current, the heart is strong and vibrant, and looking forward to some healthy growth in the shortand longterm.”

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Next stop, downtown Swift Current

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