New Season of Entourage – Episode 68 and 69

New Season of Entourage

Have you seen the last two episodes of Entourage? Scorsese has played a role in getting Vince back on the list. I noticed one take of Scorsese standing near a railing but nothing with the other Entourage stars yet as we watch the latest episode.

E and Sloan are mixed up in some love triangle with E’s new interest Ashley. Lloyd is on the fence with some aggressive behavior toward Ari while asking for a raise. Ari gave him 100 days to ‘prove’ himself. We get to see the premier of Vince’s new move Gatsby where more of the Drama unfolds. Without giving too much else away, if you missed the episodes then its time to sign up for On Demand. The writers have built up a few season long stories early on in the first two episodes. It will be interesting to see how they play out.  


Check out some preview clips from the next episode.


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