New Movie Releases enterprise is not good

Regarding the competition, the Deng front did not worry on the contrary that, now “again looks at WTO, as soon as is opens the market, China’s New Movie Releases enterprise is not good? most starts is the developing nation worried very much can be under the impact, proposed the trade protection, the Western country is kicking up a racket the open market. but the present developed country started the trade to protect. At that time the Internet started, we also worried the overseas Internet Company the competition, but the present foreign DVD country Internet Company does not have China’s completion. has the competition only then to be able to be more and stronger. after opens the market, the true benefit is possibly the weak trend side.” Deng Fang favors the international competition, he thought does not need the worry from the profit too to be many, looked for a long time, the globalization is bigger to the developing nation superiority, opens the market possibly to be able to give China the DVD industry more attack opportunity, but no longer is defends simply.

“Compares the Chinese role implants the Hollywood The Shawshank Redemption DVD story pattern, we hoped sees the original taste and flavor the Chinese story.” Prestige Xiao entertainment group Asia company chairman and chief executive officer Ai Fixing indicated that, “China has very many very good stories, the splendid degree lets the human be DVD unbelievable, they mostly come from the Chinese culture and the Chinese realistic society. we favor the source in the real life original script.”

In Hollywood, the Singin’ In the Rain DVD practitioner already deeply knows by heart this subdues the magic weapon. In 2005 allies Warner, now was promoted Warner brothers the movie-making company senior vice-President’s Sarah? Si Quake speaks frankly especially: “Do not have to think looked the script is the very simple matter. Our each week all DVD must read the dozens of scripts, in order to can discover 12 to shake the will of the people the good story.”

New Movie Releases enterprise is not good

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