New 80gb ps3 released and its games?

Hi,I am interested to buy a new 80gb ps3 that costs 399 that was released just this august,Will it be okay if I update it to 2.42?is it guarenteed not to have problems if i update it to the latest and wont abuse it?

-If there is an update on any ps3 games,where do i find it if i want to download it automatically?

-What about the update for GTA 4?where do i find it?please tell me how.

-Whats the reason if why people are saying that they installed their games on ps3?is it okay if I just insert my ps3 games and play it like what you do in ps2?just pop and play?


You have to update the firmware if you want to play online. Games will come with updates if it is needed for the game to play… or it will tell you to download it because the game wont play without it. updates fix bugs from previous versions… there will always be updates because software is never perfect.

1. find it on the official playstation website
2.i think it should be on PSN.
3. intalling the game helps it load faster. some games have installing as an option but most install automatically.

New 80gb ps3 released and its games?

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