Neighbors Warn People To Stay Off Ice

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A family was spotted on the ice of a local pond, prompting neighbors to seek to warn everyone about the dangers of getting on the ice.

People who live near Quail Lake in Colorado Springs told 11 News they see people and kids playing on the ice all the time. The issue may be that the ice looks and actually is frozen near the shore, but it’s really not at sturdy enough to support anyone.

Phoebe Mejias lives just across the street from Quail Lake.

“I’d hate to see someone die because of the fact they fell through the ice and it wasn’t frozen,” Mejias said.

Friday afternoon she saw something from her balcony that made her worry.

“I saw a gentleman and two children standing out on the lake and I didn’t think it was very safe,” Mejias said.

Already this season we’ve seen some dramatic and tragic rescues on our local Southern Colorado ponds. in Pueblo fire fighters had to rescue this dog from the freezing waters.

Less than a two weeks later, a man in fountain tried saving his dog by jumping into the water. he was rushed to Memorial Hospital where he later died.

Mejias has lived in the Quail Lake area for two years and said she doesn’t want to see a preventable tragedy happen near her home.

“They think, they see the ice and they think it’s going to be fun to be on the ice and it’s really, it’s really dangerous out there, they should not be on the ice when it’s not all the way frozen,” Mejias said.

Experts said a big reason the ice in our area won’t be strong enough to hold up people is because our temperatures keep going back and forth, never giving the ice a chance to fully freeze.

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Posted by: bill on Feb 12, 2012 at 12:19 PM Sarah seems to think she is an expert on ice and safety..your not! three inches..not safe at all! please quit posting inaccurate information. Posted by: bill on Feb 12, 2012 at 11:50 AM It’s "it’s" not "its." You’re embarrassing yourself. Posted by: Jeff on Feb 12, 2012 at 10:18 AM I can’t help it if you aren’t intelligent enough to be bothered by rampant spelling and grammatical errors, especially on a news site.

Neighbors Warn People To Stay Off Ice

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