NBA Trade Rumors: Monta Ellis and Players Who Need to Be Moved Quickly

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Monta Ellis is one of the most explosive scorers in the NBA. He’s lightning quick with above average athleticism and his deep range coupled with the ability to put the ball on the floor and take it to the rack make him one of the game’s most dynamic offensive threats.

He’s subpar defensively as he gambles too much, but those gambles do result in a high number of steals. The Warriors have to make a commitment in their backcourt as Stephon Curry and Ellis battle for supremacy in Golden State.

It’s apparent that the Warriors have decided to go with Curry, drafting over their leading scorer in Ellis by snagging Klay Thompson, a nice compliment to Curry in the backcourt. 

Ellis can bring Golden State what they need, a swingman or a defensive force inside.

They seemed to be in talks for both as potential Andre Iguodala and Josh Smith trades were lurking around the corner and lingering in the air. those died out when the lockout hit Defcon five. clearly now that we’re all back to sanity and have the season laid out, those talks are sure to arise again.

Ellis is one of the brightest young offensive minds in the game. sure he’s a volume shooter and carries an ego with him, but his scoring ability is nearly unparalleled, and you can bet that the Hawks or 76ers are willing to offer up some key pieces to get Ellis.

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Josh Smith is a born-and-bred Atlantan. A true citizen of the city and state of Georgia. He was AAU buddies with Dwight Howard in the peach state before being picked 17th overall by the Hawks, remaining in his hometown. 

He’s lived up to the hype but not his potential as he does nothing but anger Hawks coaches and management. He shoots jump shots to prove that he can be a shooter, but he misses a good portion of them, he barks back at coaches, further evidencing the rumored disputes he had between himself and both Mike Woodson and Larry Drew.

He’s still the Hawks most talented player, and as a Hawks fan, the last thing I want to see is a home-town hero leave. however, there comes a time when it’s time to part ways. I’m not even sure the Hawks are at that stage with Smith yet, but if they aren’t it’s fast approaching.

The Hawks can get good value for Smith, maybe Ellis or Iguodala, maybe he could be used in a package deal to swing Paul into Atlanta. The bottom line, however, is that he’s being shopped. He’s being shopped by the incompetent Atlanta Spirit Group (they aren’t incompetent for shopping him, but for several other things) and Rick Sund. His name surfaced on draft day as a potential candidate for a new area code, and although it didn’t happen then, it’s not out of the question now that the lockout’s over.

Despite the high-flying jams and the breath-taking blocks, Smith’s time as a Hawk might be coming to a close sooner rather than later.

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It’s too bad Steve Nash hasn’t won an NBA Championship.

That’s why he has to get out of Phoenix. 

The clock is ticking for Nash as he closes in on 40 years of age, and if he wants to compete for an NBA title, it’s time to demand a trade.

Phoenix has not surrounded Nash with an adequate supporting cast and the Suns still, through Nash’s leadership and heady play, remain a competitive team in the league. Phoenix could clearly reap long-term rewards if they could find a “win-now” team willing to offer some key, young pieces in exchange for Nash who probably, realistically only has another two great years in him.

He wouldn’t surprise me though if he broke 40 and still played like he’s playing now. Sometimes a player just gets the game. That’s Steve Nash. He understands it. The ins and outs, the crooks and nannies, they all make sense to him. 

Nash might be the smartest point guard to touch the floor since Magic Johnson, as shown by the preservation of his timeless play. however, he’s not winning anything in Phoenix, and the Suns owe it to Nash to give him a shot at a title before it’s too late.

NBA Trade Rumors: Monta Ellis and Players Who Need to Be Moved Quickly

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