Napoleon Hill Reveals Law Of Success

I started reading Napoleon Hill’s book Law of Success today, got about 35 pages into it, and suddenly I had an epiphany. this book was written originally in 1928, almost 100 years ago, and the same Law that worked then still works today. it will probably also work in 100 years and even 1000 years.

As I said, I just started reading the book today, so I haven’t read Napoleon Hill’s insights into these 17 laws, but I can tell you 1 thing I learned from his case study. He laid out 7 successful people and 2 who had failed in a spreadsheet with their respective ratings for each of the 17 laws. out of all 17 laws, there were a few that every successful person that Napoleon Hill did his case study on had in common.

I’m going to tell you which laws the successes had in common, and also which laws the failures had in common. then I’m going to share my thoughts.

They all had a strong belief in the power of the mastermind, and had used that power on a regular basis. this single law can take your success level from almost complete failure to huge success practically overnight. I remember when I found the power of the mastermind after reading think and Grow Rich.

They all had a definite chief aim. they knew what they wanted and what they were going to do to get there. this is very important. How would you know you’ve achieved success if you don’t know what you’re aiming for?

The ability to concentrate was also highly ranked across the board. I don’t think I need to say anything about this law. I know the days when I stay focused I get a lot more work done than the days when my mind wanders. Concentration is a must-have skill, and I look forward to perfecting it someday soon.

Now the 1 law which wasn’t followed that caused the 2 failures was following the golden rule. That should tell you something about how you should treat other people in business and in life period.

My conclusion is that if you focus on what you’re doing, know what you’re doing, work with others, and treat people how you want them to treat you, then you’ll achieve success. the other laws are important, and I might have even missed some of the other major influences. I’ll make sure to keep you informed as I continue to read this book. the main law of success is and always will be hard work.

Napoleon Hill Reveals Law Of Success

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