My poem about my "after dance happy hour" What do U think?????????

A crush or something more?

I thought it was over between us two
I thought our love took its last run
So now at the dance, I felt it again
And knew nothing could be done

Its still there
Between us two
I knew it was real
But now what to do?

I don’t think he likes me back
But we used to be “friends”
We use to talk, us two
But now, with loose ends?

We danced to our song
Somewhere over the rainbow
The song joined our hearts
Did Judy Garland ever know?

Why was he smiling so?
He laughed as if I was his chick
He told me all sorts of things
Was it just a love story? Or a stupid trick?

I felt like I was in love again
Not more sadness, no more pain
Why was it so hard to get his attention?
And then the answer hit me, like it was beginning to rain…

I didn’t need his attention
I didn’t need to change
I needed reassurance
I got something much more strange

maybe it’s the after dance happy hour
Maybe its real, between us two
I thought it wasn’t real anymore
And away in the wind, our love blew

But happy as can be
He went with me in the air
We soared above mountains
And clouds, fare

I guess now I know my feelings aren’t over
Our love wasn’t on its last run
And the dance made sure I knew that
Plus, love can never be done…

If its real…

My poem about my "after dance happy hour" What do U think?????????

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