My Dad, John McCain Written by Meghan McCain

An excellent young readers book written by a daughter that really loves her dad. I can relate from her story how extensive that love is when I compare it to my own dad and how great he was for me all through his life.

Meghan tells about her dad’s birth in Panama, his young life when he was a fighter and not a go along with person. he did not like to follow rules and knew in his mind what John McCain wanted and if it was the right thing for him and his friends and family, it was the way he thought and acted. when he went to the Naval Academy he had to learn to follow rules. The story goes through John McCain’s schooling, his father and grandfather that were in the military, and his choice to also join the service and help his nation. he had several brushes with death while flying, but the utmost incident was when he was shot down in the Viet Nam war, captured, and suffered through more than most of us could ever endure.

In his years as a prisoner, staying when offered a release because of his background, but refusing because he knew others that were there longer deserved a release more than him. he suffered more torture because of this. when eventually released he decided on a political career and winning several elected positions that brought him to the chance and eventually actually getting the Republican Presidential Nomination.

No matter your political opinions, the trials and tribulations that John McCain endured are a fantastic story told by his loving daughter in a style that young readers will enjoy.

My Dad, John McCain Written by Meghan McCain

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