Mr Rogers Gets Evicted

It’s been five years since the passing of Fred Rogers. For many of us older folk, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood was an iconic program.

As a PBS mainstay for many years, Mr. Rogers educated and taught us about life and the value of friendship. I recently learned a decision was made to evict Mr. Rogers Neighborhood from many PBS channels. some of these stations are in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

PBS sent Mr. Rogers packing over declining ratings and the desire of stations who set their own schedules for new programming. nearly 60% of PBS’ 355 member stations carry Mister Rogers.

Recently, the amount was reduced to a handful, according to an executive at Family Communications, a non-profit launched by Fred Rogers that produced and still owns the show.

Kevin Morrison, Family Communications’ chief operating officer, said the show had a great run.

You just have to recognize inevitably the fact that this is an old program and appeals less and less to the market, Morrison said.

Actor David Newell, who played Speedy McFeely, the delivery man, was moved that people still want to see a program that’s been on for 40 years.

It’s a wonderful tribute to the program, said Newell, who promotes the show for Family Communications.

So many people who grew up with the show. have warm feelings about it and it’s really meant something to them. it was more than just an average television program, says Newell.

I was lucky enough to have grown up watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

Unfortunately, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood has become irrelevant to modern television and today’s youth.

Although PBS is evicting Fred Rogers from our television sets, he will always remain a symbol of friendship for those of us who grew up watching him.

Mr Rogers Gets Evicted

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