MP3 Player Vs IPOD – A Review

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What are the capabilities?
Which on is better for YOU?
Where can you find them?
How do I use one?

What is the difference? Well, there are a lot of similarities between the two. Although IPODS are an older version that’s memory is based on a hard drive like a computer. Hence they have more memory and options on how to use them. MP3 players mostly use flash players and discs, which is good for just wanting information (as in e-books) or music. IPODS also happen to be more expansive, sometimes hundreds of dollars. while CD based MP3 players are around $50.

What are the capabilities? while both allow you to download music from the net only the MP3 players that can also use CDs have the flexibility to do so. some IPODS will also let you save pictures to your player. It’s like a modern day pictures of the family in your wallet. some IPODS have video capability, meaning you could download movies as well as music and possibly games. these features depend on the specific IPOD capabilities.

Which is better for you? That depends on what you want to be able to use it for. do you want it strictly for music? I would suggest the MP3 player. They’re more versatile for music lovers. you could download from the net at places or be able to use store bought CDs. however if you would like to also use the instrument to watch movies and play games, an IPOD is what you seek. They have a bigger memory to be able to do these type functions.

Where can you find them? They’ve become so popular that you can get them wherever electronics are sold. I’ve found both MP3 players and IPODs even available at Wal-Mart. the cheapest MP3 play I found there was $25. the IPODs ranges from a little over $100 to almost $400. you can just as easily shop around on the net for which electronic you specifically want. I would suggest nothing under 2GB because it will have at least a decent size memory for several downloads of music. Movies of course require more memory, but 2GB will be a decent start.

How do I use one? To download movies, music, and games most people find that it’s best to find a website that has only a membership fee instead of the pay per a download. This is best if you want to have unlimited downloads. otherwise, most companies charge around $5 a download. That could really add up before you know it. also membership sites are free of pop ups and have no spyware or adware. It would be a good idea to make sure that there is a 100% guarantee. This is in case you do not like their selection. as for specific directions on the process for downloading, each device is different and it would be best to read the directions that come with your particular device.

The paid sites to download from them have so much to choose from it could be difficult to know where to start. you can download whatever you would like as much as you would like for a lifetime.

MP3 Player Vs IPOD – A Review

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