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New DVD and Blu-Ray Releases to Crave: Coen Brothers Overshadow Big Happy Family, Prom

Chris – wrote on 08/30/11 at 10:15 AM CT

Once again I have to say the slew of new releases this week isn’t quite up my alley in terms of what I usually watch. But everything is made up by the excellent Coen Brothers box set, which as far as I’m concerned puts every other new release to shame. 1) before we get to that, Tyler Perry once again brings his brand of comedy out with Madea’s Big Happy Family. It seems every year we get something from Perry – maybe Medea, maybe something else, but every year he’s there. now I still don’t understand the appeal, but as I’ve said in the past I’m obviously not the target audience.2) Disney tried to emulate the success of High School Musical with Prom, but found few tweens willing to take the plunge, as it had a disappointing box office run. Maybe it will find new life on DVD – but you would have to strap me down and force me Clockwork Orange-style to watch this. Still, maybe for a sleepover or what have you it would make for good viewing. 3) If you prefer something on the spiritual/inspirational side of things, then The 5th Quarter should be your pick of the week. they always seem to try too hard with these kind of films – I’m sure it is very uplifting and whatnot, but it always slips into the either sickly sweet sentiment or gets too preachy for its own good. Still, you could do much worse with this genre.on the Blu-Ray front the Coen Brothers Collection simply cannot be topped. Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Miller’s Crossing and Fargo all in high def glory. Plus, you can see the evolution their films have taken. If you are a Coen Brothers fan at all, this is an excellent deal, even without extra features. The Coens aren’t the only ones getting the Blu-Ray treatment, you can also find the Criterion releases of If . . . and Orpheus. Like all Criterion releases, the films come packed to the gills with extras – interviews, analysis and even extra documentaries and par for the course.There are always more films to explore, simply visit the FilmCrave New DVD Releases and FilmCrave New Blu-Ray Releases pages today.


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