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July 22

Among the avalanche of new DVD releases are a trio of titles with contributions from actors and producers hailing from NEPA and surrounding areas:

“KILL THE IRISHMAN” (2011, Anchor Bay, R, $30): A potentially one-note premise about the Italian mafia trying and failing to take down the uncontrollable, real-life Irish union leader-turned-mob enforcer Ray Greene (Ray Stevenson) is beautifully sustained by dynamic turns from Stevenson, Val Kilmer, Christopher Walken, Vincent D’Onofrio and part-time Scranton resident Paul Sorvino. Gritty production design, well-choreographed action scenes and energetic pacing also help the movie, which was produced by Scranton native Eugene Musso.

“DAMAGES: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON” (2009, Sony, unrated, $40): A family of financial fraudsters (Lily Tomlin, Len Cariou, Campbell Scott, Martin Short) makes the mistake of tangling with ruthless attorney Patty Hewes (Glenn Close). The use of flash forwards – the show’s signature – occasionally seems gimmicky, but there are enough plot twists, dramatic showdowns and superb performances (including a turn by East Stroudsburg’s Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick as Scott’s son) to keep you riveted.

“HEY DUDE: SEASON 1” (1989, Shout Factory, unrated, $20): Before she starred as Marcia in “The Brady Bunch” movies – and went on to marry Ben Stiller – Allentown native Christine Taylor top-lined this live-action series from Nickelodeon. The action revolves around a posse of teenagers (Taylor, David Lascher, Kelly Brown) working summers at the Bar none Ranch in Tucson, Ariz. If you grew up loving the show, it’s a welcome trot down memory lane.

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