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Published on: Jul 24 2012 10:29:12 PM EDT  Updated on: Jul 24 2012 11:00:00 PM EDT

My Force app claims to keep you safe


It’s called MyForce and the new app promises to act like a mobile bodyguard making an evening run or a trip to the store or ATM after dark less nerve wracking.

The MyForce app promises to keep you safe no matter where you go and a local mom who knows first-hand just how fast an attack can happen says she won’t go anywhere without my Force.

As Shellie Bruskotter and her three children left an Ocoee Toys R us in June of 2010, a man attacked, stole her purse and took off never to be was the lead story on Local 6 at 11 that night.

And it’s a nightmare Bruskotter dwells on even now, two years later.

“He just tackled me and ran with me. He drug me about five parking spots until my purse broke free and he walked away with it and left me,” said Bruskotter.The attack left her and her three boys to live their lives on guard and at times in fear.

“They’ll say, ‘hey that looks like the guy that stole your purse’, or ‘Mom, this place is scary, we need to get out of here,’” said Bruskotter. “There’s a lot of places I won’t go now. I haven’t been to a mall since it happened.”

But Bruskotter is hopeful she’ll feel safer now that she’s downloaded the MyForce app.

She’s placed it right on the home screen of her iPhone.

“You just push it, and all you have is this big button,” said Bruskotter as she showed Lauren Rowe how the MyForce app worked.

The panic button prevents Bruskotter’s phone from locking and is ready to be tapped in an emergency or even if she just feels uncomfortable.

“I just walk with my thumb near it and if I need to push it it’s ready and that’s all you have to do,” said Bruskotter.

As Rowe walked with Bruskotter and her 8-year-old son in downtown Orlando, they put MyForce to the test.

Moments after entering a dark parking garage, the women sent an that instant, the MyForce security team opened an audio line to monitor the call for signs of a struggle or screams for help.

The security team also began to use GPS to track their location. Within ten seconds the screen went black. That way an attacker wouldn’t know they’d called for help.

In just 90 seconds the MyForce security operator called.

“I just got an alert. May I just get your safe word please,” asked the my Force operator.

“Sure,” responded Bruskotter, “It’s lawyer.”

The operators questions continued, “And this is Shelley?”

“Yes it is,” said Bruskotter.

“OK. We’ll disregard that. you have a good night,” said the operator and the call was complete.

If Bruskotter had really been in trouble, the my Force team would have called 911 instead and help would have been on the way.

“Why do you like my orce,” asked Rowe.

“It’s just like a security blanket. I use my phone for everything so why not that?” said Bruskotter.

“It’s really the best weapon you can have,” asked Rowe,

“Oh yeah, for sure,” said Bruskotter emphatically.

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