Mobile Phone Comparison – A Checklist of What to Look Out For

For many people, choosing the best mobile phone for them when they are upgrading is an exciting time. there are so many choices on offer and there are so many places you can go to seek out information. It’s like a techno geek’s wet dream

For others, mobile phone comparison before making a choice on a new smartphone can be a nightmare. they struggle with the choice and questions what will happen if they find that they do not like the chosen handset in 6 months time. this article is for them. It is a checklist for mobile phone comparison.

Here are 9 points you need to consider:

The cost- Can you afford the handset? is it within your budget? is the handset subsidised by the mobile phone provider on the plan that you want to go on?

Whether it will work on your mobile phone network- If you are buying your own mobile smartphone outright, will it work on the network that you want to use it on? Does the handset work on the same frequency as the network?

Whether you need the features of the handset- Do you actually need all of the features of the handset? you may decide that you like a handset because it has GPS inbuilt but is it really necessary to pay that cost if you are not going to use the feature?

Whether the proposed handset is missing features you need- Make sure that the proposed device actually has all of the features that you want. Don’t just buy a handset because you think that it looks cool.

Whether the handset is locked to a particular network- If you travel overseas regularly you may decide that you do not want to use your Australian SIM card. Make sure your chosen handset is not network locked so that you can change SIM cards if need be.

What Apps may be useful for your business- Some Apps are iPhone specific, some Android and some just for Blackberry. If there are apps that will make your business more efficient you should chose this handset.

What Apps you may find enjoyable personally- Also look at fitness and entertainment apps that are available because a smartphone really is an all in one convergent device.

Do any of your friends and family have the same phone- Every time you get a new phone there is teething period where you have to learn the ropes. If you friends and family have the same handset they can help you get more proficient with a handset more quickly.

Do you trust the person recommending the phone to you- Do you trust the mobile phone sales person? Or, does it seem like they are trying to push an agenda? Are they giving you unbiased advice or trying to sell you the leftover stock out the back?.

Mobile phone comparison need not be nasty if you follow the checklist that I have mentioned above.

Mobile Phone Comparison – A Checklist of What to Look Out For

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