MLK Quotes Overshadowed by Arizona Shootings?

MLK quotes on Marthin Luther King Day may be overshadowed by the Arizona shootings. MLK Day, to many is a time to reflect on non-violence and solidarity. Yet, the state of Arizona, ripped by the recent mass shootings in Tuscon recently, once struggled with the divisive politics that denouced the sanctioned federal holiday.

It appears to be a perfect storm of idealogy that clashes with a struggle for solace in the state of Arizona following the Janurary 8th shooting of a congresswoman and her constituents.

In an instant, the Arizona shootings stopped the heartbeat of America, similar to the Oklahoma bombings, WTC disaster, and to some extent, Hurricane Katrina did.

Today, MLk quotes are being played by many radio stations around the world due to the impact of the civil rights movement, in an effort to remind us of another moment in our history.

That moment stopped the pulse over a longer time as the storm or assassin that held Democracy captive, was systemic and pervasive throughout everyday life.  The collective freedom of society had been robbed.

In 1983, former President Ronald Reagan signed one of the most historic pieces of legislation in this country when MLK Day was deemed a national holiday.  Three years later, the states in our union banded together and recognized MLK Day.

Broadcast media and conversations included MLK quotes to bolster the meaning of non-violence.

Yet, Arizona resisted efforts to embrace the federal holiday on a number of fronts.  The soutwestern state did not join the ranks until 1992.  even today, while MLK quotes pepper the airwaves on Dr. King’s historic day, the people of Arizona are in a struggle to find solace from the violence in Tuscon that stopped their pulse.

Along with that, the divisive poltics of the state continues to stifle debates of inclusion regarding immigration. Will they ever get it? Civil rights has to include all people on all fronts, not just for those born on native soil.  Where is the line drawn?

Sadly, the recent shootings appear to be the ticket to the table of a paradigm shift that now includes MLK Day.  Often times, tragic events change the pulse of a prevailing ideology.  perhaps, it’s bitter-sweet in the final analysis.

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MLK Quotes Overshadowed by Arizona Shootings?

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