Microsoft’s SuperPhone Cometh – Should You Wait to Purchase the Best?

It appears that Microsoft is coming out with a smart phone. however, Microsoft doesn’t plan on calling it a smart phone, instead, it will be called; a SuperPhone. No, it won’t be a bird, or a plane, and it will most likely be nothing similar to anything which came before the smart phones that we are currently use to. Microsoft obviously intends to ratchet up the competition, and take smart phone technology to the next level.

In the personal finance section of Forbes there was an interesting article on December 30, 2011 titled; iPhone 5 to be Dethroned by Microsoft’s Superphone? by Louis Bedigian which stated;

The news of this still-unconfirmed iPhone 5 competitor first hit the Web when WMPoweruser, a Windows Phone tech site, uncovered a leaked Windows Phone roadmap that gives us a peek into the future. many sites have picked up on the story, hyping the so-called superphone as something that can go head-to-head with the iPhone 5.

Personally, I think that if Apple was really on the ball and really innovative rather than hiding behind their patents and charging everyone a premium price for their hardware, that they’d already have my holographic video phone by now. so, a little competition will be good for Apple, no truly innovative company should be allowed to sit on their laurels and take all the spoils for years on end. That’s just anti-Capitalistic, and capitalism made Apple great, so let’s see them compete without lawsuits, and anti-competitor media rhetoric coming from their religious-like brand loyalists.

You know, personally I am totally tired of what I believe in my opinion to be Apple Hype everywhere I look – I am one of many in the silent majority who doesn’t own an iPhone and will most likely will NOT purchase an Apple product. Trust me there are more folks that are NOT Apple loyalists than those who are, despite the prevailing media perception.

Next, I am personally sick and tired of Microsoft Bashers. It’s getting old folks. I’ve used Microsoft products all my life and have been quite pleased with them, they work fine, and their main products do enjoy mass appeal and the biggest share of the market. will this new superphone be one of those signature products – it could be, so all this Microsoft trashing we’ve been reading about the superphone which hasn’t even been released yet, looks like anti-Microsoft sour grapes, and quite frankly, I am sick of it. Just wait for the release and we’ll all see then.

Anyone who would count Microsoft out of the running in the cellular phone market, is making a huge mistake. The company has billions of dollars it can funnel into research and development, and it still has the lion’s share in the browser market, personal computer operating system, and word processing markets, and what about gaming with the Xbox? indeed, I wouldn’t count them out just yet. indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on.

Microsoft’s SuperPhone Cometh – Should You Wait to Purchase the Best?

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