Microsoft?s Flagship OS

The next evolution of Microsoft’s long running Windows operating system line- Windows 7 is faster, flaunts improved stability, and allows for more utilities than ever before. It has outshined the earlier version of Windows to become Microsoft’s flagship OS. With Windows 7 versions, Microsoft has presented a new level of desktop experience by making the system more impregnable, trustworthy and easier to manage.

Windows 7 contains a host of new features. some of the most substantial ones are the updated graphical user interface and visual style named Windows Aero, the amended searching features, new multimedia creation tools such as the completely reformatted networking technology not to mention audio, print, and display sub-systems.Microsoft has released six different Windows 7 versions, each aimed at a different market segment.

Windows 7 Starter, which is only obtainable in emerging markets, is an OS for the meekest computers. Windows 7 Home Basic is a notch above Starter, envisioned for homes with a single computer and users who don’t need a throng of fancy features. Home Premium is a more full-bodied consumer edition, with a stouter focus on multimedia and usability. It’s one of those Windows 7 versions that feature the new desktop interface, Aero. another Windows 7 version that is targeted at various-sized companies is the Professional version that comes with features that cater to networked business people.

Then there’s Windows 7 Ultimate- the OS for the true aficionado. This edition caters to people who can’t envisage viewing home video without editing it through a PC first. Windows 7 Ultimate is the one for people who consider the PC not a machine or a convenience or a frill, but an indispensable cornerstone of existence, right up there with food, clothing, and shelter.Windows 7 Ultimate lets you to associate with corporate networks very effortlessly with the domineering feature- Domain Join. another very powerful feature available with Windows 7 Ultimate system is Bitlocker- an optional part of the OS that when enabled safeguards your complete drive. The next option, which makes this version stand out from the rest, is the language selection you have once the OS is installed. Aside from these cutting-edge features, Windows 7 Ultimate involves less system resources to run than its predecessor. This means that the number of computers that the system can be installed into is much greater than before. This makes it much more compliant for people with older but not archaic computer systems.

Microsoft?s Flagship OS

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