Microsoft shows one game across Windows, Xbox and Phone Series 7

Photo: Microsoft

A Microsoft executive recently showed off the same game being played on a Windows PC, Xbox Live and Windows Phone Series 7 at a conference in Dubai, demonstrating that their ambitious Live Anywhere project is finally coming to fruition.

Convergence at work

Possibly more impressive than the game – an Indiana Jones-like platformer – being played on all three devices was that the session was maintained, too. This is a fancy way of saying your progress on each platform is tracked so that you can pick up where you left off even on a different platform.

Imagine starting your game on your PC at work when your employers aren’t watching, of course, continuing at your previous save point on your Windows Phone Series 7 device on the bus or train home and switching over to your Xbox 360 when you get home. the devices and the games would merely sync in the background.

Live Anywhere, finallyPhoto: Microsoft

Long time Xbox 360 gamers won’t be all too impressed with this, considering Microsoft promised this feature a long time ago in what the company called Live Anywhere. The strategy was to make Live its own autonomous platform, accessible from any Internet-capable Microsoft device to give the user complete control.

Vertical integration a thing of the future

Most large technology companies have begun to realise the value of properly integrating all of their properties for cross compatibility. While this may seem a no-brainer to consumers, corporate structures have always made it so that different divisions have had a hard time talking to each other.

Apple has been leading the pack since 1998 with its iTunes platform expanding to connect its iPods, iPhones and the soon-to-be-released iPad, as well as collapsing whole products into others, as is seen with the iPhone having a fully capable iPod built in.

Google has centralized its various apps and hopes Google ID will allow consumers to transition between, and discover, different web apps seamlessly.

Photo: Sony

Sony, who have been slow to get off the mark, have long been begged to add some extra PS3 functionality to their Bravia range of LCD TVs, as well as getting the Playstation and Sony Ericsson groups talking, which seems to be the case with the rumoured iPhone-iPad competitor products.

Microsoft, however, has probably wowed the most, with software that works today on the PC, Windows Phone Series 7 and the Xbox 360, with 90% identical code. Live anywhere, now.

Microsoft shows one game across Windows, Xbox and Phone Series 7

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