Medium, Ghost Whisperer and John Edwards

I recently found this quote from John Edward and thought it was a great opening to discuss a touchy topic. it doesn’t matter what comes through or doesn’t come through. You are going to be disappointed. You won’t get what you expect from me. You won’t understand what is coming through. But later, it will all start to make sense to you.

I have always loved John Edward’s candor. I have a lot of respect for him as a Medium, and he makes an excellent point. It’s absolutely true that people do sometimes come to a Medium with high expectations. John Edward also candidly discusses an intriguing phenomena involved with mediumship. sometimes the client forgets vital things about their own family or the soul being contacted. whether this occurs from a state of nervousness or high expectations is unclear. But this is a real phenomenon. People can sometimes leave a session feeling a bit awkward or even disappointed only to realize a few days later that everything the Medium said was accurate and true and very pertinent to their lives.

Shows like Medium and Ghost Whisperer really do not honestly portray the life of a medium. In fact, those shows are part of the problem and part of the reason why people tend to expect too much. It’s difficult to describe or explain the life of a Medium. Basically, we are like everyone else, living life, raising family. It’s just that we have an unusual job.

What’s important to remember is that Mediums don’t control what the soul being contacted says, and the soul being contacted will not make decisions for you. Mediumship is about showing you that the soul lives on, that we do not die, that the body is really just a phase the soul goes through. Souls may not tell living people what decisions to make, but they will absolutely come forward and validate their life on earth, they will validate the fact that the soul lives on, and that the death of the body is not the end of everything. It’s wonderful to have a mediumship session and re-connect with someone you lost. It’s invigorating, fascinating, and beautiful beyond compare. As long as you approach your mediumship session with the right ideas about what mediumship is, your session should be a very rewarding and life changing experience. Go into a session with an open heart and experience the reality of the afterlife.

A mediumship session is a deeply spiritual experience. Enjoy what you have. appreciate what you get. It’s a fabulous opportunity. Everyone has their own journey. Live your life well. and enjoy the path.

Medium, Ghost Whisperer and John Edwards

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