McNugget Lady Goes Nuts at McDonalds Drive Thru

It never ceases to amaze me what people will do these days. I’m sure many of you have read the recent story about a woman who called 911 when McDonalds ran out of chicken McNuggets. Yes it’s true, not only did she call 911 but she called three times because they wouldn’t send and officer to investigate. Ok you are probably thinking this is some kind of joke I mean most people would think this is a bogus report. It’s not, it was reported on major news networks and radio shows over the last week.

As a former McDonalds Chicken McNugget maker at the tender age of 16 I can attest to the quantity of McNuggets that are sold on a daily basis. They seem to become a dietary staple for some people. Are we really at such a breaking point that Mcdonalds can create such community havoc that we actually resort to calling the cops because they ran out of McCracknuggets? I pass two or three McDonalds just driving down one road. Did this woman ever think it might just make sense to go to the next one?

Upon questioning later that week the woman reported having a nervous break down. WHAT? Cmon this has to be a joke right? Sorry can’t make this stuff up people. Next thing you know there will be ball pit riots stay tuned.

This story is actually backed up by live audio of the 911 call to police. Visit the link below to hear the audio.

911 Audio from Crazy McNugget Lady

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