McAdory: Celebrity sexuality shouldn't be relevant news

It was revealed this week that DC Comics superhero Green Lantern is gay.

OK, but why are we supposed to care?

For some reason, this will be a news story. but why should the sexuality of entertainers — or in this case, a comic book character — matter? We’ve got great men and women serving this country — some dying for it — with much greater stories to tell than whether or not a superhero in goofy green tights comes out of the closet.

Why does a comic character’s sexuality have to matter? why does sexuality suddenly need to be part of a crime-fighting comic character’s storyline, particularly one that has been around for decades?

A celebrity’s sexuality is not going to help the economy. It’s not going to help education. It’s not going to help health care, lower fuel prices or provide us with a cure for cancer. but his or her sexuality will be in the news.

Why must there be a public announcement over a celebrity’s sexuality? a popularity boost, maybe? Other than a bad movie last summer, I don’t recall the Green Lantern ever being relevant, or at least in the same circle with Batman or Superman. Even Aquaman and the hideous wonder Twins were regulars on the “Super Friends” cartoon TV show. The Green Lantern just made a cameo appearance or two.

Instead of a popularity stunt, maybe the change was simply a political statement. The issue of gay rights has been a hot topic lately — or at least one pushed down our throats by left-leaning national news syndicates with agendas — particularly since the White House supported same-sex marriage early last month.

I don’t know DC Comics’ motive and I don’t care. They’re in the business of selling and marketing comic books and the images of their characters for games, toys, etc. if making one of their superheroes gay will bring in millions of dollars in revenue, then I suppose it was a smart business move for the company. That’s DC’s prerogative.

Sadly, we have become a nation hungry for meaningless and shallow entertainment news. We starve for the latest, juicy tidbits about a pop star even when the news does absolutely nothing for the betterment of our lives.

“Hey, did you hear about Britney Spears’ baby daddy?”

“What’s up with Kim Kardashian? is she still dating Reggie Bush, or is she still married to that basketball player who looks like Herman Munster?”

And why should I care that Hannah Montana, or Miley Cyrus, or whoever she is, is engaged to some chap named Liam? but it makes the headlines anyway. She’ll just break his achy, breaky heart. Sorry, that was bad.

Clearly, our priorities have become delusional. what many put into their digestive tracts — candy, soft drinks and fatty foods — provides little nourishment for their bodies. By the same token, what many put into their minds — the trivial nonsense about celebrity news and the need to be constantly entertained — provides little nourishment for their souls.

Read a book. Exercise your mind with art. Work in the community to help others. Feed your brain with something other than garbage from the entertainment industry.

When the sexuality of a celebrity fixes the economy, ends the threat of terrorism or reduces the crime rate, maybe then I’ll care.

Entertainment news isn’t relevant news. It’s tabloid garbage and shouldn’t be taken seriously. 

Joe McAdory is editorial page editor for the Opelika-Auburn News. he can be reached at 334-737-2549 or

McAdory: Celebrity sexuality shouldn't be relevant news

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