May Movie Releases – “Babies” Trailer

Also opening next Friday, May 7th is a documentary called “Babies” directed by French filmmaker Thomas Balmes. it follows the first year of life for four different infants being raised in four different corners of the world. the film is almost entirely narration-free, so the viewer is left to determine his or her own outlook on the lives on screen. what are the major differences in the babies’ upbringings and how much does it really matter?

The four babies are being raised in Namibia, Mongolia, Tokyo, and San Francisco respectively and the film tracks the differences in culture and technology, and of course the different parenting perspectives each family has.

The fact of the matter is that the babies are, well, adorable, and the film is being released on Mother’s Day weekend- what more could you want, Moms?! if the trailer is any indication, there are darling moments galore. I’m quite interested in the culture contrasts of the four families, never having been to any of the countries featured except the US. what do you think about “Babies”? enjoy the cute trailer!

May Movie Releases – “Babies” Trailer

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