Marshall Confident The Truth Will Come Out

(WSCR) The details surrounding what exactly took place at that new York night club in March are hazy, but Bears new wide receiver Brandon Marshall is confident he will be exonerated of any wrongdoing.

Early reports alleged Marshall had struck a women – something he has adamantly denied. still, Marshall believes once all the facts come out, his side of the story will prove true.

“Until the new York Police Department comes out and says (something official), there’s not much for me to say,” Marshall told the Chicago Tribune. “When you’ve been through things like I’ve been through, you become a target. And it is so important to (put) yourself in clean and healthy environments.

“This situation in new York … there are surveillance cameras all over the place. And there are not too many places a 6-foot-5, 230-pound guy can hide. so the truth will come out. And when it does, I think I will be sitting in a great place.”

Marshall also took time to discuss his excitement about rejoining quarterback Jay Cutler in Chicago.

“He’s amazing. We all know what type of arm Jay has,” Marshall said. “The biggest thing I’ve seen in Jay (now) is his leadership. … He’s leading us and inspiring us day in and day out. … Man, we can’t ask for a better leader, a better captain. … where he is at with the mental part is a sight to see.”

Marshall Confident The Truth Will Come Out

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