Mark Sanchez: Kate Upton Has to Goods to Help the New York Jets QB

Mark Sanchez is going to live life to its absolute fullest, and that means sampling the best things in life while he can. 

The rumors and tasty innuendos were running rampant on Wednesday as gossip surfaced placing mark Sanchez with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton. I understand if most of you are good and annoyed right about now. 

The new York Post reports Sanchez has been with Upton in her Flatiron apartment a few times. The couple has gone to great lengths to keep their supposed friendship a secret. Here is the situation, as reported by The new York Post:

“Sanchez has been paying frequent late-night visits to the…model’s Flatiron apartment, we’re told. He’s been spotted several times at the voluptuous blonde’s pad since November, usually after games or before practices—sometimes as late as midnight—rolling up in his black chauffeur-driven Navigator.”

The ladies love themselves some mark Sanchez. as the report states, he was recently seen entertaining two mystery women in one night. 

So far, both parties have remained silent on the depth of their relationship. this really could be as innocent as two good friends wanting to keep their visits under wraps so as to prevent widespread gossip such as this. 

That being said, most of us would jump at the chance to keep friends as hot as Upton. She has the goods to make Sanchez forget all about the bad games or the barking coaches. 

The Jets face a huge obstacle this week against the Giants, but the Sanchize has the perfect lady to comfort him if the playoff dreams go down the tubes. 

This isn’t the first hot lady to be rumored with Sanchez. He was also connected to Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Hayden Panettiere. It’s time to consider that Sanchez is ready to take over for Derek Jeter as Mack Daddy of Manhattan. 

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Mark Sanchez: Kate Upton Has to Goods to Help the New York Jets QB

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