Mark Sanchez Jets Jerseys Already Spotted Everywhere in New York

Mark Sanchez Jets jerseys are already flying off the shelves of retailers and shops. now, you might not understand this right off the bat. People were buying up authentic Mark Sanchez jerseys before he ever stepped onto the field to play, before he ever started a game or even got named the starter and generally before he proved anything on the NFL level. So why is every Jets fan you know sporting a Mark Sanchez jersey?

It’s because the team and all of the Jets fans around New York and around the country haven’t had this much reason to be excited in several decades. the last time there was this much buzz about the Jets and one of their players, it was when Joe Namath became a quarterback with the club following his time at the University of Alabama. all he ended up doing was winning a Super Bowl in a huge upset, establishing the NFL and the Super Bowl as we know it and becoming a huge crossover star along the way. do you think the expectations are high for this kid or what?

So clearly Mark Sanchez Jets jerseys are already so popular because fans of the team have extremely high hopes for what he could mean to the club. He has a strong arm and he seems to be able to make all the throws and pick up plays quickly. He also has experience playing under the bright lights considering he was the starting quarterback for USC, one of the biggest college programs in the country and a perennial title contender.

In addition to that, authentic Mark Sanchez jerseys are extra popular because fans didn’t think they were going to draft him. the Jets weren’t really in any position to draft Sanchez at all. However, they made an unexpected trade and moved into position to take him on draft day. It’s that kind of big, bold move that gets fans excited about the player and the upcoming seasons for the team. It’s one thing to be excited about a player you figured you would get, but it’s a whole different thing to be excited for a player that you didn’t think you had a chance to get.

So every Mark Sanchez jersey that you see out there is celebrating his arrival and every fan will be awaiting his ascendancy. As the New York Jets prepare to move into a new stadium, they will need somebody to help sell tickets and licenses, and they know their new quarterback and crossover star in the making is that guy.

If you’re a New York Jets fan and you’re excited about the new direction that the team is new going – new coach, new stadium, new quarterback – then join the rest of your buddies who already have Mark Sanchez Jets jerseys. a Mark Sanchez jersey is a great way to show your support for the Jets and hope for the best in the future.

Mark Sanchez Jets Jerseys Already Spotted Everywhere in New York

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