Marine Biology Jobs in New York – Are You Ready to Embrace the Challenge?

A wise man once said that work was never supposed to be easy but job satisfaction comes from passion. Whoever that man was had it completely right and could well have been talking about marine biology in New York. Set on the Atlantic Ocean via the Hudson River, New York may not be the first place you think of when considering a career in marine biology but it is one of the leading centers for marine sciences in the United States at the moment.

Marine biology is one of the major employment growth areas at the moment. When other industries are failing, marine biology is blossoming thanks to an increasing interest in the environment. As more bodies and foundations are set up to help protect and conserve America’s marine wildlife, more positions are being steadily created for passionate and committed young marine biologists to fill.

Marine biologists serve a variety of functions, from helping to formulate plans to reduce and manage pollution right through the spectrum to studying the composition of rivers, oceans and seas. Technological advances have made the ocean a lot more accessible to us but that has enabled scientists and biologists to rectify some of the wrongs caused by past generations and preserve the future. you could be a part of that if you believe that you are up to the challenge.

There are any number of reasons why you may want to choose New York as a base if you would like to go into marine biology. The first and most obvious is the salary The average salary for a marine biologist in New York is $56,000, which is higher than most other areas in the United States. However, most marine biologists are not in it for the money but the love of the environment and, more specifically, the ocean.

New York has also experienced more growth in the industry than many other states in recent years, and it has been predicted that this will continue for the next few years. Marine biology is only a viable career path in a few select states, of which New York is one, but it is also the place where you have more potential to move onward and upwards.

Marine biologists are hired by governmental bodies, charities and companies that are located on the water, thus making job opportunities more plentiful. As very few people leave their jobs in this field, this is a blessing because more jobs are being created every year. The unique marine life and facilities available certainly make it difficult to leave once you begin Despite this, marine biology remains one of the most fascinating professions you could choose

Marine Biology Jobs in New York – Are You Ready to Embrace the Challenge?

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