Maria Sharapova in Roland Garros Final 2012 at Beluga

In case you didn’t know or do not know, we’re reaching the tail-end of the French Open 2012. Semi-final matches for the Men’s singles tonight (today – for all European and frenchies). I am kinda only interested in the second half of the draw; which may turn out to be a slug-fest or may turn out to be one helluva boring match. only time will tell. And, luckily for me, time is on my side because I will have the idiot box all to myself..:-D.

Ok…so, before we get to the Men’s side of the tournament, lets go back to the Ladies’. we already know who and who is playing for the title this Saturday : Maria Sharapova and some Errani chick. Can I say it was totally unexpected? Not exactly; where Sharapova’s concern. Especially, after the fall of Serena Williams and Li Na (2 of the main contenders of the tournament). Vikka is not really a contender because although, she did show us some champion-worthy quality in her but she also showed us her inconsistencies as well. so, it was a 50-50 where Azarenka’s. Plus, I don’t fancy her. Period.

As such, with those 2 out of the way, there was really no one left who wanted this more than Sharapova. She came so close to reaching the Finals so many times, and this is the only title that has eluded her. Winning the French Open will complete her career Slam. who doesn’t want that?

Besides, clay isn’t for everyone. You can get seriously injured if you have not mastered the art of playing on clay courts. Players do not want to get injured so early in the year. Especially not with the grass season looming up next. which brings me to my earlier question of whether tonight’s Men’s semi-final matches will encompass slug-fests or..not? I’d rather not have too much of slug but it’s dirt – if it ain’t the slug, it’s the schmuck..ok, whatever that means…:-)

Maria Sharapova in Roland Garros Final 2012 at Beluga

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