Manhattan’s Millionaire March – Maybe They Will Lose Weight and Not Need Free Healthcare

Class warfare in the United States is getting slightly out of hand, and the Occupy Wall Street protesters are a living example of something that’s gone terribly wrong. It’s not that the Occupy Wall Street crowd does not have a point, they surely do, however that group is intermixed with anarchists, far left leaning socialists, and folks that need to look in their own mirror rather than pointing fingers at anyone else.

One thing that occurred to me when watching the Manhattan Millionaire March, this is where the Occupy Wall Street protesters marched down in the high rent district of new York City, which was a definite sign of the have-nots versus the haves.

In doing so, it made me smile because many of these people are the folks who demand free healthcare, perhaps pay very little in taxes, and since they don’t have a job, they probably don’t move around very much, watch their large screen TV all day, and therefore they probably need to lose weight so they don’t get diabetes, and contract a disease or illness causing them to go to the hospital, which will cost all the taxpayers who are actually paying into the system more money.

After all, consider this; you and I cannot go out and spend three weeks in the park, partying it up, because we have to go out of work, and pay taxes, to keep the system going. these folks on the other hand have nothing to do but complain, and they don’t have a job obviously, and yet they live in the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind, and they demand to have more freebees at the taxpayer’s expense. I don’t know about you, but I certainly have a problem with that.

Further, I find it rather ironic when those Occupy Wall Street protesters are interviewed by the media, that there is no coherent message, rather it seems like a group of malcontents out complaining about everything under the sun, and commiserating in mass. and then they have the balls to go out and march in the high rent district, a place where many capitalists, entrepreneurs, and other people live, those people that produce jobs, run companies, and pay taxes.

No, not everyone who lives in Manhattan creates jobs, but they do pay taxes, and they do invest in companies, which allow those companies the funding they need to expand and grow their businesses. I think perhaps the Wall Street protesters should consider this, think about what they are doing, and be angrier with the incestuous relationship and crony capitalism which is going on.

Nevertheless, most of these people were former Obama supporters, and that would tell you a little bit about their mentality. I am not pleased, and I am somewhat personally disgusted with what I see, and such childish behavior should not be rewarded with my tax dollar. Go home and get a job.

Manhattan’s Millionaire March – Maybe They Will Lose Weight and Not Need Free Healthcare

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