Manhattan Blackhawk factory up and running

Fortune 500 Blackhawk ATK’s new building in Manhattan is up and running, where they are manufacturing more military and law enforcement equipment than ever before.

The new Manhattan building is about four times the square footage of the Bozeman factory which will allow Blackhawk to hire an additional 60 employees. their hope is to hire locally to give Manhattan an economic boost.

“One of the exciting things about coming to Manhattan is the economy here has been down fairly significantly for several years, so we’re excited to be able to hire some folks locally here and help this community out,” said Blackhawk spokesperson Darrin Stevens.Stevens said about a half dozen Blackhawk employees have already moved to Manhattan within the last couple weeks.

When we spoke with Manhattan’s Mayor in March he told us Blackhawk coming to Manhattan is exactly what the town needs.

“Blackhawk moving to the community is going to do nothing but positive things for the town of Manhattan. it will create jobs and I believe other businesses will follow,” said Tony Haag, mayor of Manhattan.Blackhawk outgrew the building they were leasing in Bozeman and Stevens said it was no longer allowing them to grow and expand.

“Now we have the ability to take on some other manufacturing from other parts of ATK and consolidate here in Manhattan,” said Stevens. Stevens told us that the company was only down from assembly for about 24 hours when they made their move.

Manhattan Blackhawk factory up and running

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