Man Implants Magnets in Arm to Hold iPod

Don’t read this right after you’ve eaten. And definitely don’t watch the video if you’re faint of heart. a tattoo artist in New Jersey who really hates wrist straps implanted magnets in his arm to hold an iPod nano. And it worked.

Dave Hurban, a piercing artist based in New Jersey, recently became his own guinea pig. using tweezers and a needle, he implanted four tiny magnets into his wrist. Spaced just so, the magnets adhere to an iPod nano. Hurban, shown on YouTube doing the procedure at Dynasty Tattoo in Newfield, N.J., calls the effect “iDermal.”

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Hurban told Jeff Saginor at that the procedure wasn’t the most painful piercing he’s given himself. he added that he’s already put iDermal to the test: “I can go for a run and it won’t come off. I’ve already taken it to the gym and jogged with it on.”

Reactions have been rolling in since the video and the story hit the news, with an overwhelming number of people calling it “gross.” My gut reaction was admittedly a lurch, but at the same time this isn’t anything too unusual for an artist who makes a living putting metal in people. someone had to take the first step.

And, even though Hurban’s video made me thankful for sped-up effects, I can understand why he did this. Not long ago I found myself in an Apple store with a friend who sought an elegant way to use his iPhone for work without having to carry it around in a holster. he ended up getting one of those jogging bands and modifying the Velcro so it would stay on his forearm.

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Sure, Apple has walls lined with accessories — and there are even more online, like the iWatchz band — but it was only a matter of time before someone invented a truly strapless watch system. Straps off to you, Hurban. For now, though, I’ll keep carrying my iPod in a pocket.

Photo: look, Ma, no strap! Piercing artist Dave Hurban put magnets in his arm to hold an iPod nano watch. Credit: Kaleidoscope Kreative (YouTube video)

Man Implants Magnets in Arm to Hold iPod

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