Man hides in trash and forks over hundreds for new Air Jordans

HOUSTON- A Houston man forked over $400 and even hid in a trash can to score the new Air Jordan "Cool Greys" Thursday.

And he wasn’t the only one desperate for the new shoes.

The crowds were so big – and so determined – at many Houston malls that HPD officers had to be called in keep things under control.

At Northline Commons on the North Freeway, shoppers said they’d been waiting since 8 a.m. on Wednesday to score a pair of the sought-after shoes.

At Deerbrook Mall, where JuMarcus Bingham started his quest, police said anywhere from 500 to 1,000 people were rushing to buy the Jordans.

That mad rush left a door damaged – and left Bingham working on a "plan B."

"this is the first time they’re coming back out in 10 years," said Bingham.

Even when security at Deerbrook shooed out hundreds shoe-seeking shoppers, Bingham managed to stay inside.

"I was in a trash can hiding in the mall for about an hour, trying to be first in line for the shoes," Bingham said.

But by the time Bingham actually lined up for the retro shoe, they had sold out of his size 8. So, he rushed over to Northwest Mall and tried his luck there.

Adolfo Martinez was ahead of Bingham in line at Northwest Mall and couldn’t even find adult sizes. he settled on a pair for his son.

"It’s just the Jordan’s," said Martinez. "It reminds me when I was younger when they came out."

In the end, Bingham pulled out on more trick and managed to score a pair of his favorite kicks. he walked up to a customer who’d just bought a pair.

"he was coming out the line," said Bingham. "I just pulled him over to the side and was like ‘how much you want for them?’"

That’s when Bingham forked over $400 for the Cool Greys.

But why did he do it?

"you know, someone might think you’re kinda crazy paying that much for a pair of sneakers," 11 News reporter Tiffany Craig said.

"I mean I had to get ‘em. I support Jordans," said Bingham.

The retail price for the new Air Jordan Cool Greys is about $180.

Man hides in trash and forks over hundreds for new Air Jordans

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