Madness in Madison

It’s not quite at the level of the madness in the Mideast nor tantamount to the madness of King George but what’s happening in Madison, Wisconsin and elsewhere in the Badger State is getting close.

The newly-elected Republican governor of the home of the cheeseheads, Scott Walker, has proposed changes in teachers’ collective bargaining rights which, based on union interpretations, would reduce Wisconsin’s teachers to the level of vassals of the state. A more reasonable view of Walker’s plan is that it would save Wisconsin from its fiscal insanity and a declaration of bankruptcy.

With New Jersey’s Republican Governor Chris Christie as a model, Walker has also dared to take on the powerful teacher union and impose common sense constraints which would accomplish nothing more than getting public employee and teacher salary and benefits more in line with private sector pay and bennies.

Time was, many decades ago now, people entered government service and the teaching profession with full knowledge that they would be compensated less monetarily in return for greater job security.

Today, thanks to the power of unions, workers in the public sector have been thriving even as their privately-employed counterparts have faced cutbacks, dismissals, reduction in pay scales, and elimination of health and other benefits. it was equitable in the past that teachers, et al. were able to trade off pay for job security. now that they have far surpassed the private sector in monetary compensation, earning up to triple private salaries while still retaining employment security and almost unlimited benefits, it’s equitable that they help level the playing field.

The new governor’s practical and hardly revolutionary proposals have been met with outrage and lies by the unions yet they merely provide that:

Collective bargaining is to only be allowed for base pay;
Union dues are not to be collected by the state;
Annual secret ballots should be required to keep unions certified;
Union Dues are to become voluntary.

Like many other states, Wisconsin is teetering on a fiscal precipice with budget shortfalls, reduced tax receipts, and impending doom and Walker would like not to see that happen. The lines have been drawn with President Obama siding with the unions and doom and the gasping, desperate taxpayers siding with Walker.

Wisconsin Education Association Council President Mary Bell, apparently oblivious to economic realities, declared, our goal is not to close schools, but to instead to remain vigilant in our efforts to be heard. accordingly, the WEAC didn’t close any schools. Teachers just didn’t show up for work and Wisconsin school districts closed them. In Madison alone, 1100 teachers called in sick, opting to take to the streets in protest in lieu of opting for their classrooms.

The WEAC which, with other unions, owns both Obama and the Democrat Party did find time to order Wisconsin’s Democrat legislators to do their supportive thing. In an amazing show of solidarity, and unprofessional pusillanimity, they did their thing-they ran away fully confident that Obama’s Service Employees International Union, the SEIU, would more than competently handle their dirty work for them in demonstrations.

Turned out in droves by a disgusted electorate last November, every one of the remaining Democrat legislators literally ran away in contempt of court with state police in hot pursuit knowing they would be beyond Wisconsin police jurisdiction in neighboring states. The Party of the People thereby abandoned the people by depriving Walker’s Republican majority of the requisite three-fifths quorum to vote on the state budget and Walker’s proposals.

It’s common knowledge that Democrats revel in chaos and they have now precipitated that chaos in the state of Wisconsin. Go WEAC Go SEIU Go Democrats

Madness in Madison

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