LP to IPod Converter Review – Convert LPs to IPod

iPod is the latest sensation in the market and it has completely replaced the old portable devices for listening music. Transferring the latest songs to iPod is easy, you can just download the song and sync the iPod through iTunes and do the transfer. What happens when you want to Convert LPs to iPod?

Believe me, it is a great amount of work and in fact, very tedious. First you need to get all sort of cables to connect your turntable to your computer and since the most turntables don’t have an in-built amplifier, you might just end up getting a poor quality recording. no Joy. if you are not an expert in recording, you may buy sound card to get the quality recordings and it might not work as well.

You need to record from your turntable to your computer and then edit the recordings to save them in mp3 format. then sync the iPod and transfer songs from your compute to iPod. This process takes really long time.

Now your don’t need to go through all this, there is a hardware device called LP to iPod Converter which does the job really easy. all you need to do is, play the LP and put your iPod on the dock of this LP to iPod Converter. By using this device, you can easily Convert LPs to iPod and save lots of time and hassle. This device automatically save the music to iPod in mp3 format and you are ready to listen it as soon as you finish the recording from turntable.

Apart from this, you can use this LP to iPod Converter to play your precious records and convert them to iPod if you want. This device also acts as a USB sound card. it means that you can connect this turntable to USB port of your computer and it will act as a sound card What else you need?

LP to IPod Converter Review – Convert LPs to IPod

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