loredana jolie – Tiger Woods’ mistress

”Tiger Woods’ mistress, Loredana Jolie, writes book about sex with golfer”Everyone can curl up in bed with one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses now.

The first tell-all from one of Woods’ many bedroom conquests claims the “largely endowed” golfer liked three-way sex with women, fantasized about men and was stuck in a marriage to an uncaring gold digger.Jolie, baptized Loredana Ferriolo, also reveals that Tiger “loved kissing” and “always used to convince me to send him sexy text messages and picture messages,” and she suggests that sometimes a second woman would join them in bed.

“Men like to watch girls on girls,” she writes. she also hints at a dark side. “Tiger was kind of addicted to pills, I saw him taking sleeping pills and painkillers. he had a severe sleeping disorder and he could not sleep at night,” she says.

And she eviscerated Elin Nordegren, Tiger’s now ex-wife and mother of his kids — blaming her for Tiger’s serial cheating.though Loredana Jolie’s tell-all book will mainly be about her experiences with Tiger Woods, she will also mention other celebrities that she’s been with.

Two celeb dads in particular who she speaks of are Michael Jordan and Bruce Willis, although she says that she never “sealed the deal” with either of them.

Loredana Jolie is quoted saying, “My diary also reveals intimate secrets and details that can save millions [of] people worldwide. I have slept with some of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet.”

Wait a minute…I’m confused. Is this woman a home wrecker, or is she trying to label herself as some sort of humanitarian?

loredana jolie – Tiger Woods’ mistress

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