Looking For a Skilled Trade? Consider Locksmith Jobs in New York State

The job market for tradesmen of all types is always vibrant. regardless of economic factors like inflation and recession, customers will always need the services of electricians, plumbers and locksmiths. The job of locksmith is often overlooked by those who are interested in learning a skilled trade. Here’s some information about locksmithing and its job outlook in New York State.

A locksmith services and installs all types of commercial and residential locks, including both mechanical and electrical locks. in addition to locks, a locksmith needs specialized knowledge of electronic access equipment like cardkey readers, door closers and panic exit devices. General locksmith duties include troubleshooting and repairing locks. Locksmiths also need to know how to disassemble and successfully re-assemble all types of locking devices. they also must be able to create master keys and re-key locks. in extreme situations, a locksmith can open a lock by using specialized tools to pick it. The job responsibilities of a locksmith can extend to working on safes and vaults.

A locksmith needs patience and manual dexterity to perform his job effectively. Other attributes of a successful locksmith include:

– Ability to use tools, both manual and power
– Good interpersonal skills both on the telephone and in person
– Ability to identify and solve problems with mechanical or electronic locks
– some electrical experience is useful
– Basic math skills

Since locksmiths often travel from job to job in the course of their work, many employers require a clean driving record. a clean police record is paramount as well. Other plusses include a high school diploma, good work habits and the ability to work productively without supervision.

Recommended classes for interested high schoolers include mathematics, mechanical drawing, physics and electronics. On-the-job training (OTJ), which may involve coursework at a school for locksmiths, is the usual method of entry into locksmithing. The length of OTJ is extremely variable and can take as little as three months or as much as four years. It’s possible to find classes and/or certification programs for this job category. in addition, tangential knowledge in the following fields will augment the skill set of a locksmith:

– Mathematics
– Mechanical drawing
– Metalworking
– Electronics

In New York State, the average annual wage for this occupation is $22,910 for entry level jobs and $44,020 for experienced locksmiths. at present there are over 2000 locksmiths employed in the state. in the decade 2002-2012, to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for locksmiths and related trades like safe repairers is expected to be faster than the average for all occupations, so the outlook for this job will remain positive for years to come.

Looking For a Skilled Trade? Consider Locksmith Jobs in New York State

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