Long Island News – CSNY Calls On Legislature To Pass Governors Budget

Launches TV ad (Long Island, NY) The Committee to Save new York (CSNY), a statewide coalition of citizens and taxpayers concerned about the economic future of new York State, today released a new television ad urging the State Legislature to adopt Governor Cuomo’s 2012-13 budget, which includes a smart jobs and infrastructure plan that will put new York back to work.

“New Yorkers are eager to get back to work and we need the Legislature to do its part by passing the Governor’s proposed budget,” said Michael McKeon, spokesperson for the Committee to Save new York.

The ad comes a week after historic legislation was passed by the State Legislature to reform the public pension system and legalize casino gaming — two important steps that build on the historic reforms that began last year in Albany.

Governor Cuomo introduced his 2012-13 Executive Budget in January, which includes the jobs and infrastructure package NYWorks.  Backed by the support of business organizations, unions and labor advocates, the plan would rebuild new York’s roadways, waterways and parks creating thousands of good jobs for new Yorkers.

McKeon said, “The plan will create thousands of well-paying jobs, provide more opportunities for minority and women owned businesses and provide tax incentives for job creation, all while rebuilding new York’s infrastructure.  That’s something everyone can agree will keep NY moving in the right direction. ”

To view the ad, or for more information about the Committee to Save new York, please visit www.LetsFixAlbany.org.

Long Island News – CSNY Calls On Legislature To Pass Governors Budget

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