Long Island Capital Alliance Announces Cyber Security Capital Forum in Partnership With LISTnet and LIFT

MELVILLE, NY, Jul 19, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) –The Long Island Capital Alliance (“LICA”), the leading non-profitcapital formation and business development organization servingregional companies, today announced that it will be holding a CyberSecurity Capital Forum on September 14. The capital forum will beheld in partnership with the Long Island Software & TechnologyNetwork (“LISTnet”) and the Long Island Forum for Technology(“LIFT”). LISTnet and LIFT will facilitate LICA’s reach into therapidly evolving and critically important field of cyber security.

“We are pleased to announce the participation of LISTnet, which hasbeen an outstanding advocate for the region’s technology sector fornearly two decades, in the coordination of our Cyber Security CapitalForum,” said Neil Kaufman, Chairman of LICA. “An equally importantcontribution will result from our continued strategic partnershipwith LIFT. our collective strengths and industry relationships areexpected to produce another highly productive event bringing togethergrowing companies and capital providers to facilitate the growth ofseveral exciting local companies.”

LICA has held two quarterly events since the beginning of 2012, whenit announced a strategic transformation to enhance its ability toassist local companies. LICA has focused on assisting companiesclustered in industries which are flourishing in this region, formedalliances with local business and professional organizations, andbegun engaging in social media initiatives to increase awareness andparticipation. LICA has partnered with LIFT on one of its quarterlycapital forums and with Brookhaven National Laboratory on anothercapital forum. The two completed events attracted nearly 200investment and business community attendees to view 10 presentationsfrom businesses seeking capital. Executives presenting at both eventshave confirmed that their funding initiatives have materiallyadvanced as a result of participating in LICA’s capital forums.

“We are happy to work with LICA and LIFT to showcase some of LongIsland’s promising cyber security companies in an effort ofcooperation,” said Peter Goldsmith, President of LISTnet.

LICA, LIFT and LISTnet will host the Cyber Security Capital Forum onSeptember 14, 2012 at 68 South Service Road, Melville, NY. At thecapital forum, up to 5 cyber security companies will showcase theirtechnologies and services. A panel of investors, business executives,and industry experts will observe these presentations and providetheir insights on the development of the cyber security industry andits investments prospects. For more information about the event,please contact LICA today or apply online.

in advance of the Cyber Security Capital Forum, the sponsoringorganizations are providing a level playing field for localparticipants in the industry by announcing a call for presentingcompanies. Applicants should be seeking growth or expansion capitaland possess a unique cyber security technology or address a need inthe industry. to apply, please e-mail an executive summary orbusiness plan to Amanda Seelmann (516-328-2300 x211) ataseelmann@abramslaw.com or submit it through www.licapital.org .

about Long Island Software & Technology Network-LISTnet:

The objective of LISTnet ( www.listnet.org ) is to promote Long Islandas one of the national centers of excellence for software andtechnology solutions. this is achieved by facilitating collaborationsbetween companies, establishing forums and events for the exchange ofinformation, improving the quantity of the labor force and partneringwith companies that provide the high technology centers necessary forthe growth of L.I. software and technology companies.

about Long Island Forum for Technology-LIFT:

LIFT ( www.lift.org ) is a non-for-profit economic developmentorganization working with the new York State Foundation for Science,Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR(R)) and the National Institute ofStandards and Technology (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership(MEP). LIFT serves as NYSTAR’s designated Regional TechnologyDevelopment Center for Long Island and one of nearly 350 MEPlocations across the country.

LIFT supports the defense and aerospace, medical device andhealthcare, homeland security, energy, information technology andmanufacturing clusters of the Long Island economy. LIFT partners withlocal companies, organizations, Universities and the NationalLaboratory Systems.

about the Long Island Capital Alliance:

Since 1984, the Long Island Capital Alliance ( www.licapital.org ),formerly known as Long Island Venture Group, has been promotingbusiness growth on Long Island. LICA seeks to create a productive andbusiness-friendly environment that will afford area businesses accessto the resources necessary to compete successfully in today’smarkets. LICA serves as a focal point for the exchange of ideas amongnew and existing business enterprises, successful entrepreneurs,investors, and service providers. Through quarterly capital forumsand special meetings, LICA brings together members of the region’sbusiness community, and has been recognized as the place to turn towhen small businesses need equity, debt, or other financing, or forinvestors to find an attractive investment opportunity.

LICA’s mission is to encourage economic development on Long Island byfacilitating capital formation for a broad range of companies invarious industries, from early stage to mature middle market closelyheld and publicly-traded businesses. LICA accomplishes this primarilythrough education, networking, quarterly capital forums, periodicspecial educational meetings, and alliances with other regionalorganizations. LICA brings together members of the region’s businesscommunity and serves as the finance arm for significant localbusiness and organizations.

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Long Island Capital Alliance Announces Cyber Security Capital Forum
in Partnership With LISTnet and LIFT

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