Lollipop Chainsaw: PS3 Game Review

Lollipop Chainsaw: PS3 Game Review

Released by WB Games Platform: PS3

Cheerleaders and zombies.

And a great big chainsaw wielded by a pneumatic blonde wearing afull on cheerleader outfit and sucking on lollipops.

The game just sells itself, right?

Well, yes it does but you shouldn’t just dismiss this as anovelty game because it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

You play Juliet Starling, an All American cheerleader at SanRomero High School, who wakes up on her 18th birthday to find thata plague of the undead has overtaken her town.


Normally, that’d be cause for anyone to declare it the worstbirthday ever – but not Juliet. you see, Juliet has a secret -she’s a chainsaw wielding zombie slayer who can backflip, kick assand shake her pompoms as she brutally slays the hordes of thewalking dead.’

Which is fortunate because that’s what you do as you play on asJuliet through six levels of hack and slash action.

What’s not so fortunate is that Juliet’s high school boyfriendNick, got bit by these bad boys and girls as he was waiting to giveJuliet her birthday gift. so, Juliet had no choice but to hack offhis head before the infection spread and carry him around on herbelt.

Juliet’s also able to upgrade her chainsaw as the game goes on -most of that is done automatically via completion of certainpoints. But the more zombies you hack up in decent combinations,the more you get to fill up Juliet’s star meter and coin collection(each death nets cash to be traded in for health upgrades, strengthupgrades and chainsaw combos). the key to this game though is toperfect the combos, increase the head count (literally) and netmore points that way by using a bit of a strategy to off themrather than just hack into them.

Throw in online leaderboards, minigames where you behead zombiesto score baskets in a basketball game, the chance to put Nick’shead on a zombie and have him perform acts as well as various othermad ideas, and you can see why this game doesn’t lose any of itsludicrous charm.

Yep, Lollipop Chainsaw is that kind of slightly lunatic, outthere crazy, occasionally vulgar game – but it’s extremelyplayable, brutally enjoyable and perfectly comic book with asmattering of total tongue in cheek humour throughout. DeveloperSuda51’s created a game which is throwaway fun and is just the kindof game that you want to keep playing on despite the increasingridiculousness. There’s some great music thrown in too – from thecheesy hit Mickey to some pretty rad punk rock themes, this is agame which thematically hits all the right notes and then some.

One minor niggle is the somewhat excessive number of times theaction is interrupted at the end of a sequence to load up anothersection of the game. It’s a real shame because it tends to jar theaction somewhat and grind it to a halt. I understand it’s anecessity but after a while, it does become more of a distractionand minor frustration than anything else.

Graphically, it’s nothing sensational on the backgrounds frontand occasionally you’re not allowed to stray around the screen andgo where you want, but Lollipop Chainsaw is blessed with suchbright colours and such energy, wit (which is occasionally near theknuckle) and some fun cut scenes – you can see why LollipopChainsaw is such a damn good and brutally enjoyable brief bit offun style proposition. Rating: 8/10

Lollipop Chainsaw: PS3 Game Review

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