Local/national/global news: in what ways and to what extent do you discuss current events with your children?

How do you get your children interested or involved in what happens beyond your front doors?

Do you feel it is important for your children to be informed about current events?

Or do you feel that children should not be exposed to such information?

Sometimes she asks me what I'm exclaiming about when I listen to the news in the morning, and I explain it as best I can.

Current events? yes.
Hysteria and fearmongering? No.

I don't turn on the news in our house any more. fear sells, and the news sells fear to over-anxious easily-led people. I do not want our life to be controlled by fear and hysteria.

IF something truly noteworthy happens, yes, we discuss it and will keep updated about it.
But most things are not noteworthy. a child kidnapped by a step-parent two states away from us, while sad, is not noteworthy and I feel no obligation to follow the story or to relate it to my life, because that is irrelevant to my life. The news corporations don't care about the outcome of those kinds of stories – they care about the ratings and viewer-ship they get from it and from terrified parents hanging on every detail thinking it relates to their own kid, so that they'll keep vigilantly tuned for an upcoming 90 second blurb on how they're supposed to keep the same thing from happening to them, "at 11 tonight on blahblah News!" Conveniently, they announce the problem at 6pm, and make you wait til 11 to hear the supposed-solution, which is rarely anything that someone with basic common sense couldn't figure out on their own.

So I choose not to support them. I read the front cover of the newspaper, and if something interests me, I read on, but I don't need to be hyper-alert of everything going on with everyone everywhere. I can't do anything about most of it – why worry? I don't need to be globally-aware, interconnected, wired and communicating every second of every day, and I think many people being that way is part of why our society is so neurotic and fearful these days to begin with.

Fear is an excellent method of controlling massive groups. Religion does it, government does it, media does it. I don't feel any obligation to keep up with all "current events" (95% of which are just junk news) or to let it creep into my life.

I don't shut my kids off from the information. I just don't beat them over the head with it all day. if they wanted to watch the news, far be it from me to stop them, but I'm not going to be the one glued to it while they're in the room listening.

I think it really depends on the child's age and the type of news, i mean you would not very well discuss a mass murder or a violent crime with a toddler or grade schooler as they would not be able to fully process this and understand but with a teenager this conversation would be more appropriate. I do feel it is important to discuss current events with your children and make them aware of world issues and news as it not only gives them awareness it helps them form opinions and may inspire them to figure out solutions and motivates them to be grateful for the life they have compared to third world countries. however, it all needs to be kept age appropriate and be at a level of their understanding as well as when they are older current event coversations need to be done in a respectful manner as your growing child may not always view things the way you do. The best way to do this is just involve your children in your conversations about the current event and for young children talk to them about what is going on..children learn by example so if you stay informed so will they.

We find ourselves talking about current events often, in our home, so the kids do overhear us & ask questions. We answer their questions using words & ideas that they can understand. They also hear about current events on the news, in school and read headlines on the newspapers we use to train the puppies when we have them. They know that we will answer their questions as they ask them.

We also encourage them to form their own ideas & opinions about current events, then share them with us.

Kids should definitely know as much as possible about the world around them.

Local/national/global news: in what ways and to what extent do you discuss current events with your children?

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