Linkin Park and 10 cutting-edge rock bands at the state fair’s Mohegan Sun Grandstand

Linkin Park have been major players in the music industry for a while now and have earned themselves an army of fans. Fans which undoubtedly will be going to see them and 10 other rock bands on Tuesday at this year’s Projekt Revolution concert at the state fair’s Mohegan Sun Grandstand.

Chester Bennington, singer in Linkin Park, said that two stages of music were easy to fill. He also said,

“Honestly, I think there are a lot of bands that are really good right now. Not that there ever have been more bands out that aren’t good, but I think people are kind of in the mood to just experiment and play around and try to reinvent themselves every time they come out and try to do something new and different, and I think that’s resonating through all of music, not just rock music, but I think hip-hop music is evolving and country music is evolving and crossing over in ways it hasn’t really done before.”

Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance has claimed that Linkin Park were one of a few bands to spark MCR’s musical pursuit. Speaking at a teleconference, Way said,

“but coming and starting a band, it was almost like this anti-ambition thing out there,” Way said. “And that was extremely frustrating for us even back then. So I think that is kind of why, at least from our perspective, our growth spurts have been so dramatic with each record. … We felt we had to make up for a lot of lost time of making ambitious records. like Chester said, it is a really exciting time in music for that reason.”

Chester Bennington has said that Linkin Park is 100% behind benevolence and education. Linkin Park started Music For Relief, an organization that helps raise money after natural disasters. He said, “we felt that we were in a position where we could actually do something. And now with the question arising, does global warming have an effect on the increase of a lot of these natural disasters, I think that it’s important to raise awareness.


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