LIA: Turning Words Into Economic Action

This month is all about innovation here at Forbes. In order to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, it is crucial have organizations that bring together various members of the community to foster economic development.

To understand what it takes to run this type of organization, we reached out to Kevin Law, President of the Long Island Association. Mr. Law has headed the LIA for the past two years, and has brought in prominent speakers such as President Bush, Mayor Bloomberg, Tony Blair, and President Clinton to speak to our business community.

Mr. Law’s ability to bring together local elected officials in a  bipartisan manner has been crucial for the Long Island economy. Governor Cuomo, Congressman Steve Israel, Ed Mangano, and Steve Bellone have all put aside their political differences to encourage innovation on Long Island. That is just what we need right now as a country.

 PK Metals is a commercial recycling company that has been based on Long Island since inception in 1979. We started with 5 employees, and have grown to over 80, and have added more than 20 jobs this past year.

We have witnessed how effective the LIA has been bringing together a diversified organization to encourage economic development, and believe Mr. Law’s insights can provide value to the Forbes readers.

The mission statement for the LIA is to lead and unify the region in order to strengthen Long Island as a place to live, work, and do business. How do you ensure that words are put into action?

The LIA is the leading business organization in the region. We support the viability of the business community and work collaboratively to create jobs and grow the Long Island economy. We connect with a vast network of Long Island’s small businesses and large companies and we advocate for their interests in Washington, Albany and locally to improve tax and regulatory policies in order to create economic opportunities and jobs.

You recently spoke about sharpening this mission to focus on jobs. How do you plan on doing that?

Before I became President & CEO, the LIA had become more of an umbrella group for organizations that tried to address a wide variety of issues. I have repurposed the LIA’s core mission to be pro-economic development, pro-growth, and pro-jobs. The LIA needs to be advocating for a better business climate on Long Island and in New York State. That is where we are focusing our attention.

The LIA is known for brining elected officials and business owners together to spur economic development. What are some new initiatives that you have planned for the second half of the year?

LIA: Turning Words Into Economic Action

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