Let the good times roll

FOR some families a trip to the cinemas is a Boxing Day tradition and today's movie release line-up offers something for everyone.

with edge-of-your seat adventure action, heart-warming family themes and laugh-out-loud comedy, Birch Carroll and Coyle Mackay and Mt Pleasant cinemas general manager Lee Staddon said there hadn't been a Boxing Day line-up like this for a couple of years.

“The kids are going to love happy Feet 2… apparently the 3D is breathtaking,” mr Staddon said.

He's predicting The Adventures of Tin Tin to be the day's wild card movie.

“It's being dubbed the animated Indiana Jones,” he said.

Older demographics will love Tower Heist.

“You can expect action and comedy the entire way through,” mr Staddon said.

It has been an exciting year, mr Staddon said, with some highly anticipated releases hitting the silver screen.

in Mackay it was a tie between Harry Potter 7 Part 2 and the third instalment of Twilight for most popular flick, he said. The staff have been gearing up all week for Boxing Day.

“It's a great day to be working,” mr Staddon said.

“You see all the families coming through… see all the kids wearing their new clothes they got for Christmas.”

A movie marathon will also begin showing from 11pm.

The three choices are Sherlock Holmes 2, The Inbetweeners and Warrior; Tower Heist, Immortals 3D and The Change Up; and Mission Impossible 4, Paranormal Activity 3 and Cowboys and Aliens.

Let the good times roll

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