Leaked document compares the DROID Bionic to other LTE smartphones

If you didn’t know this yet, once the Motorola DROID Bionic is released in just a few days it will be Verizon’s premier smartphone. A leaked pdf file shows just how much Big Red wants people to get the Bionic, pitting their other LTE handsets against the dual-core beast. There aren’t too many details needed to show you just how much better this phone is compared to the other offerings that Verizon is giving us, but we can’t get enough of graphs.

We also get to see a few “official” specs that until now have been just rumors. probably the most surprising would be the dimensions, which from recent snapshots was believed to still be on the thicker side. Contrary to that belief, it is actually the thinnest LTE smartphone on Verizon’s network (measuring in at 0.4″ thick), and it is also the second lightest out of the group (only behind the Charge). it also looks like you’ll have plenty of storage room on this compared to your old DROID, with 16GB of internal storage and a pre-installed 16GB microSD card.

Oh, and it definitely mentions that this will be the only LTE smartphone on Verizon’s network that is running Android 2.3. does anyone else think that maybe this phone is the reason that some of your handsets still don’t have the latest version of Gingerbread (at least officially)? just thought I would mention that. Click on the image above to get a better look at the comparison.

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Leaked document compares the DROID Bionic to other LTE smartphones

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